Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Mini MAC Haul

So, last month I purchased my first ever MAC products. I got the MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in the shade Groundwork (pictured left) which costs a steep £15.50 and the Prep and Prime Eye Primer in Medium Dark which was around the £12.50 mark (pictured right).

Groundwork at first glance looks like it will be a lovely deep brown shade. In actual fact when applied to the lid it comes out like a taupe colour with hints of pink/lilac (see swatch on the right below). I actually like it as its quite a delicate shade that's subtle enough for daytime use.

The Medium Dark Primer is meant to be the darkest shade MAC caters for. Personally, I think it's a bit light for being described as medium dark (see swatch on the left) but it blends very well to match your skin tone.

Now, I decided to test the longevity of these products. I have taken pictures throughout the day to show you how well the makeup stays on.

On my right side I have applied the MAC Prep and Prime Eye Primer with Groundwork on top and on the left I have only applied Groundwork.

Here are my results:

10.30 am -
All freshly done

3.30 pm -
 Both still in place!

6.30 pm -
 Makeup is mostly in place but there is a slight bit of creasing at the inner corners of the eye.

Overall the longevity of this product seems to be good although there is slight creasing after 8 hours. I didn't notice that the primer made much difference to be honest although I suppose the right eye I applied primer to looks marginally better. 

What do you think about MAC Paint Pots? Or do you have any dupes you would recommend?

Thanks for reading!!

 On a side note I am actually on the hunt for a good lip liner, can anyone recommend one?

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