Saturday, 20 September 2014

Facial Hair Removal #2

So today's edition to the series is on ...EPISTICKS! I only discovered these a few months ago but let me tell you, it's pretty life changing! They are basically a metal coil/spring which has plastic cotton bud looking ends. It's extremely light weight and definitely effective!

How do you use it?
You have to turn the stick so that it resembles an 'n' shape and move it up and down your face whilst twisting the buds inwards. It's not as complicated as it sounds trust me =] The coils then grip the hairs and essentially threads it from the root so you have a nice clean finish which lasts about a week.

Does it hurt?
 It is less painful than an epilator but the pain is similar to what you would experience with threading! For cheeks or forehead I don't feel too much pain but upper lip is fairly painful. If it's your first time then yes, it will hurt!

How much?
These really do range from around 99p to a good £20. Mine was cheap and cheerful at £1.55 from amazon (link here) . I will be honest and say the one I have was great when I first bought it back in March but now it doesn't grip the hairs as well as it used too. I don't know if this is because it was a cheap one and therefore poorer quality rather than the more expensive ones which presumably may be better quality and last longer.

Worth it?
For the price I'm not disappointed in this product but will probably invest in a more expensive version to see if it lasts longer, I do prefer it more than using an epilator as you can go at your own speed which I think makes it less painful. I have no clue how to thread so this is pretty much my go to tool!

Do you think of female facial hair as a bit of a taboo topic?
Have you or would you try episticks? I'd love to know!

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Facial Hair Removal #1

Hello!! So I have thought about doing a few posts on getting rid of facial hair. I feel that for women it seems a bit of a taboo/embarrassing thing to admit that you have facial hair which I think is just wrong. Not only men have hair on their face. Everybody has hair, some more than others, and you shouldn't be made to feel ugly/embarrassed/not normal just because you do.

That aside I am going to talk about Epilators! To me this is the best and most painful way to remove facial hair. It's basically like a machine with little needles which rotate and grip the hairs on your face and essentially tweeze them out.  Unlike shaving, the hair is gripped from the root and you get a more clean longer lasting hair free face!

 To use it I just move it in up and own motions on my face. Unfortunately it really hurts. It's especially painful if your doing your upper lip area but its one of those things you can build up tolerance too over time. If I were to describe how it feels I'd say its like sharp little tingles over my face. Okay - I know I'm not really selling this but I have to be honest!

The Epilator I use is the Braun Silk Epilator which I bought nearly 5 years ago for 50 quid at Boots. It's pricey but 5 years on I still have it! Like a lot of Epilators mine came with different heads (you clip these to the top) to make it easier for you to do specific parts of your face. For example you could use heads 1 and 4 for your upper lip whereas 2 and 3 are better for doing your forehead/sides of your face.

It is important to exfoliate and moisturize afterwards as your skin may feel a little dry. This method normally keeps me hair free for around 7 - 10 days so it's quite effective.

I would love to hear about your favourite hair removal methods. Please share your experiences! =)