Saturday, 15 November 2014

Disappointing Experience - Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation

Hello!! So with beauty I think it's fair we share both the positive and negative experiences we have had. Mine has got to be the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation. I bought it at House of Frasier and was sad to see that when I took it home and squirted the product onto my hand white liquid came out (it was meant to be Intensity 4.0 for my medium dark complexion).

It looked like whatever solutions went into making this had some how managed to seperate so that it resembled some kind of uncooked egg (see picture to the left)

Unfortunately, I do not live near a House of Frasier to return the product so the cost of travelling to my nearest one didn't really seem worth it. I tried to contact Estee Lauder using their website to see if I could post it to them directly, and whilst I got an email acknowledging my message had been sent I never actually got a reply (it's been 3 months).

I have tried shaking this product to see if I could make the liquids form as one again but no joy. I've also tried mixing them with my fingers but then all I get is a really pale colour. I do however now use it as a very expensive leg foundation!

Now I know this is a one off, and I was unfortunate enough to have received a faulty product so I am not slating the product, just the disappointing experience that came with buying this particular one!

Thanks for reading! Have you ever had this experience with any products you've purchased?

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Trying some Max Factor!

Hello! So I purchased these Max Factor goodies a while back when they were all going for a bargainous £5 on Amazon!

Max Factor Flawless Perfection Blush 
I bought this in the shade Chestnut as I read reviews saying it really suits a darker skin tone. I did feel that it was a bit too bold and shimmery for me. You need to apply this product sparingly because straight away the colour really stands out. It also has A LOT of glitter in it so for me this isn't a blush I can wear during the day. Especially as after a few hours the pigment disappears and all you are left with is a residue of glitter.  However for a night out the glitter probably adds that perfect sheer glow to your cheeks.

Max Factor Colour Precision Eye shadow
Also on the shimmery side, I purchased the precision eye shadows in the shades Pearl Beige and Coffee for a neutral look. I'm a tad disappointed in the coffee shade as it's not the brown shade I imagined but more of a greyish taupe (see right pic). The lasting power on these are amazing though, I had it on for 8 hours (without primer) and found it didn't budge at all! Personally, I think they are great if you can master how to blend the colours well. I am a bit let down on the applicator it comes with - not exactly precise and your better off using your fingers!
Have you tried any Max factor? Whats your recommended products?