Saturday, 8 November 2014

Trying some Max Factor!

Hello! So I purchased these Max Factor goodies a while back when they were all going for a bargainous £5 on Amazon!

Max Factor Flawless Perfection Blush 
I bought this in the shade Chestnut as I read reviews saying it really suits a darker skin tone. I did feel that it was a bit too bold and shimmery for me. You need to apply this product sparingly because straight away the colour really stands out. It also has A LOT of glitter in it so for me this isn't a blush I can wear during the day. Especially as after a few hours the pigment disappears and all you are left with is a residue of glitter.  However for a night out the glitter probably adds that perfect sheer glow to your cheeks.

Max Factor Colour Precision Eye shadow
Also on the shimmery side, I purchased the precision eye shadows in the shades Pearl Beige and Coffee for a neutral look. I'm a tad disappointed in the coffee shade as it's not the brown shade I imagined but more of a greyish taupe (see right pic). The lasting power on these are amazing though, I had it on for 8 hours (without primer) and found it didn't budge at all! Personally, I think they are great if you can master how to blend the colours well. I am a bit let down on the applicator it comes with - not exactly precise and your better off using your fingers!
Have you tried any Max factor? Whats your recommended products?

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