Sunday, 26 October 2014

Eyebrow Maintenance

Eyebrows are towards the top of my everyday beauty maintenance list. I do think they play a large part in your overall look and can really transform your face. Below are some products I use to keep them trim and tidy!

Manicure Scissors - Not just for your nails! I use them to trim those odd hairs that droop downwards or the spragly ones that can look like they are growing in all directions. If your wondering what I mean by spragly let me show you this horrific pic of my brows ungroomed!

Eye Brow Brush - It may sounds a little strange to comb your eyebrows but it's useful to help you see the direction of hair growth when giving them the weekly pluck. I bought mine from a brand called 'the vintage cosmetic company' for £7 at Boots. Personally, this isn't a product you need to spend big bucks on so £7 was actually a bit expensive for these!

Tweezers - I recently bought these oh so cute pair from TK Maxx for a bargainous £3. I snatched them right up!! They are by a brand called 'Precision Beauty' and come with two pairs.

One of them has the slanted end which is great for just general plucking. The other has a more pontier end to help get those tiny knitty gritty hairs. I used to be a one tweezer kinda girl but now I frequently find myself switching between the two to get the job done. The design is also funky!

Nivea Lip Butter (Vanilla and Macadamia) - Another multi purpose item not just for your lips! I use it the same way people use eye brow wax to keep the brows in place during the day. It's a cheaper alternative and smells amazing!

NARS Eyebrow Pencil - I've raved about this in a previous review here. It's got a lovely gritty texture and best of all doesn't rub off during the day!!

The End Result:-

I plucked away all the little hairs underneath the brow to make it look a lot cleaner. I then trimmed the spragly bits on the right side of the brow which for me grows in all directions (Grr!). I then filled in the eyebrow with my NARS pencil and applied some of my lip balm where the arch is to prevent any brows dropping downwards.

 Overall I feel it looks tidier and I'm glad I saved some cash on threading! I would love to know what products you recommend for your eyebrow maintenance. Comment below and let me know =)

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