Friday, 10 October 2014

When you move to a new area..

 I recently started a new job and with it I had to move to a completely new town where I knew no one. Of course,I felt lonely and a bit lost (psssh I still do!) but I knew I had to make it work. Here are some of the things that helped me get by:

Join new groups

I saw that one of the budget gyms nearby were advertising membership at £17.99 a month. My purse strings tugged but I wanted to get out there and do something so I joined. And..I love it!! I admit I haven't met any new friends there but I love being in an environment with different people of different age groups just doing their own thing. I thought it would feel embarrassing as I imagined everyone there to be super fit and confident. I was wrong! It was so comfortable as everyone is there to work out not to laugh or intimidate you. Since working out I felt really good about myself and a little more confident too!

Keep doing what you love 
When everything is new, it helps to get a sense of security from being comforted by familiar routines. Blogging did that for me. It was something I did before I moved, and it is something I will continue doing now that I have moved. It really helped me as it gave a type of project to focus on outside of work and it makes me happy writing about things I love (or don't love!).

Get to know the area
This has got to be the most important. Whether you drive or take the bus it's great to travel round and know whats there. You will feel more in control if you find out these things early. When I first moved I found my local surgery, a Tesco's and the shopping centre. I like knowing that if I ever need anything I know where to go.

Don't be afraid to go out alone!
Lastly, don't be afraid to head out on your own, People always talk about doing things with friends at weekends but in a new area you don't automatically make them. I firmly believe there is nothing wrong with eating out, or just going for a simple coffee on your own. After work one friday I went out for a coffee and doughnut and honestly enjoyed just being out the flat and doing something to celebrate the end of week.

Have you experienced moving to a new area? I would love to know how you made it work and adapted!

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