Saturday, 7 March 2015

Sugaring is the 'New Waxing - 'Sugar StripEase!'

This has got to be one of the best products I've tried in a while. It's called 'Sugar StripEase' and for the oh so purse friendy price of £9.33 on Amazon, it really beats an expensive trip to the salon! It works exactly the same as wax but it's actually a sugar syrup :S Yes SUGAR! It comes in a cute little jar (a pink and girly one might I add!) which you simply bung in the microwave for 30- 40 seconds and then have at it with your hair removing glory!

Does it hurt? Like most hair removal methods it does obviously hurt. It's a quick and sharp pain which you don't notice after a while as again, like most hair removal methods, it's something you build up tolerance too.

How easy is it? It's really not hard to do. Once heated it comes with these little wooden applicators (they look like the ice lolly sticks). You spread it over the area of hair you want removed (not a lot though as it can get sticky). Next you take a strip, paste it over the area the sugar syrup has been applied too and quickly peel it off. I say quick because if your slow and hesitant it's not as effective.

Is it messy? I think this has got to be the biggest selling point to this product. Yes, you may accidentally spill some or you might be hesitant and not get all of it off but it's SUGAR. So literally, if you just wipe it with water it just comes right off.That said, I'd still put the jar on a plate or newspaper whist using it just to make it easier to clean. Also a little warning -  it does solidify in the box, so be careful of how you store it otherwise it might look something like this >>>>

It obviously depends on how much your 'sugaring' (waxing) off but if it's your legs I'd say you could get about 2-3 goes out of this. Not bad for £9.33!