Saturday, 12 July 2014

Tools of the trade - the essential tweezers!

I think every girl probably has a pair of tweezers in their makeup bag so I wanted to do a mini review on the two tweezers I own. One is the pricier Revlon Diamond Collection tweezers which I got at Superdrugs for £4.99 (it was actually half price!) and the other is a 99p pair I got a Body Care.

For the Revlon pair I admit I was attracted to the appearance of the tweezers and thought for a slightly higher price than they would be really good. Wrong! The diamond studs, as you may have guessed, make is slightly uncomfortable against your fingers. The tip of the tweezers are very sharp, which might make you think great, they'll do the job! Wrong again, their so sharp that they don't grip the hair from the root, they end up cutting the hair half way so that you still have tiny hairs left. Unfortunately, it's just one bad purchase.

Now the Bodycare pair for the rather purse friendly 99p is actually quite good! It's lightweight and the tips have that slanted shape which I think helps lead to better application. It's also got these little groves along the inner side of the tips and on the outer middle section which help to give you that better grip. I do struggle a little to get the extra tiny hairs with this though. I know it looks a little worn down in the pic but I've had these for over 4 years and they still do a great job!

What is your staple brand of tweezers?


  1. Oh no thats too bad..the Revlon one looks so purdy!! My favourites are my Tweezerman and LaCross ( I think its by Sally Hansesn surprisingly!). Both so good!

  2. Thank you for your comments :) I've always wanted to try tweezerman, they seem pricey but sounds like a good investment x


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