Sunday, 20 July 2014

Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets!


I am very excited about this product as I get really oily skin throughout the day. I bought mine for £1.50 off Amazon but I think you can also find them in Tesco's. Essentially, these are just little paper thin sheets which you just dab onto the oily parts of your face. Once your done, the oil gets absorbed onto the sheets and hey presto your face looks less oily!

I wanted to show you how effective it is, so I took some before and after pics.

Before - I don't know if you can see but I had a lot of oil build up on my forehead, along my nose and above the cheekbones.

After - Again don't know if the camera can really capture this but after dabbing along my face it looked more matte (there was no shine) and the oil had disappeared.

The only negatives is that whilst dabbing the product took a bit of my blush off so it probably won't help keep your makeup fully in place. I do love the small packaging as its easy to carry around but because it's so small if you happen to taken too many sheets out, it's really difficult to put them back in the box. Finally, it seems more orientated towards women. The sheets are purple and the non blotting side has flowers which kinda reminds me of a design you'd find on a Always sanitary pad. So yeah, the design doesn't seem very man friendly!

Hope you enjoyed this post. How do you deal with oily skin? Have you tried the Kleenex shine absorbing sheets?

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