Friday, 11 July 2014

Clairol Nice 'n' Easy hair dye!!

Hello Lovely Readers!!

So every few months I dye my hair. I'm 23 but I'll admit to you I get a few greys! Perhaps it's genetic or just plain stress? I picked up two of these boxes on a 2 for £8 deal at Asda in the colour 'dark blonde'.

I have naturally black hair so my aim is to get a dark brown type of colour. I'm not a fan of bleaching so that is why I opted for a lighter shade instead of a black or dark brown.

My mum recommends this brand saying that the foam application makes it, well literally,  'nice n easy' (excuse the pun!) to apply. It comes with your usual bits and pieces. I've labelled a pic of them below.

This is what the foam looks like once you mixed the colour blend formula with the colour activating cream.  Whats great about using foam dye is that it makes less mess and your less likely to have dye dripping every where! Also, it looks very cool all fizzed up!

I've posted a before and after pic, so if like me, you have dark hair, you can see whether this brand and shade will work for you.

Before - You can slightly see the brown from where I dyed it before and where my natural black roots are coming through.

After - I took two pics outside and inside so you can get a good idea of how it looks in different lights (although there was little sunlight outside). As you can there is no bold colour change but in the sunlight the dye has actually made my hair look a lot browner and I'm fairly pleased. The conditioner the dye comes with is also fab and leaves your hair soft and shiny!!

Thanks for reading! What hair dye's would you recommend?


  1. Looks lovely on you! I always use the Loreal Creme Casting Gloss - it's semi permanent but I find it fades a lot more evenly that way and leaves my hair feeling nice afterwards :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. Thank you for your comment :) I've tried casting gloss too, it's the one where you have to apply to wet hair? I might give it another go x

  3. You have such GORGEOUS hair!!! Good to know that its able to lighten to that extent! I like the Solfine dyes here in Montreal but I think I've pretty much used every brand that there is out there lol. Ive used the Loreal hi-lift series to lighten my hair once and it worked pretty well on my hair but did dry it out:s


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