Thursday, 17 July 2014

Clinique Cheek Pop

In today's post I will be looking at the Clinique Cheek Pop blush in the shade 'Ginger Pop'. They retail at £16.50 which considering your only getting 3.5g is quite pricey.

The colour at first looks kinda like a red/dark pink but on application it comes out lighter and you get more of a coral shade. I wasn't too blown away when I first tried it as the blush is actually quite transparent so you don't get a whoosh of colour straight away.  However when you build it up it gets a lot more vibrant and appears quite glossy on the cheeks. Personally, I love it!

As I am going to show you how it looks on application I thought it would be interesting to explore the different ways to wear blush. Normally, I smile and apply to the apples of my cheek (isn't that how everyone does it?). I was surprised when the lady at the Clinique counter told me I'm doing it wrong! It got me thinking so I looked up the different ways to apply blush and thought I would share some with you.

Apples of the Cheek technique 
This is what I would normally do which is just applying the blush to the apples of my cheek when smiling (left pic). I think this can look quite pretty but the problem with this technique is that when you stop smiling the blush goes downwards (see right) and your face doesn't have that flushed look anymore.

Shadow Blush
I wasn't sure what to call this but I saw it being described on From Head to Toe's youtube channel. You basically apply most of the blush to underneath your temples to create a shadow effect and then gradually apply a fainter amount along your cheek bones. On me it came out like this. I think it's definitely a more edgier look to the apples of cheek technique.

On the Cheek Bone
The final look I got from gossmakeupartists youtube channel who described applying the blush along the cheekbone (not to be confused with the apples of your cheek).  He basically said you place a finger where the top of your ear is and apply blush along that bone towards your nose. I quite like this look and on me it came out like this.

Thank you for reading.

Do let me know any tips or techniques you have for applying blush or whether you have tried the Clinique Cheek Pops?!

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