Saturday, 26 July 2014

Carmex..My lip saviour!


Today I thought I would do a little review on what has become my summer lip saviour, the Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm. I bought this in Tesco's for a purse friendly £1.50! I'll be honest and say this smells a lot like medicine and has a cool numbing effect on the lips. I wasn't a fan of this so I literally just chucked it in my draw and it never saw the light of day for around 3 months!

Recently, my lips became uncommonly dry for me and I started to get flakes appearing along the edges (maybe it's the hot weather?). I rigorously put my Maybelline Baby Lips on to keep my lips moist but they just did not get rid of the dryness, neither did my Nivea Milk and Honey chapstick (which normally works wonders).

I pulled out the Carmex to see if it could solve my problems, and it has really saved my dry lips! The cool numbing effect it no longer a problem in the scorching summer heat! Looking at it closely, it's got a thick consistency which I think has helped get rid of the dryness and is so moisturising! The fact that it's in tube also means that it is so easy to just whack out and apply to lips in a hurry.

I will definitely be using this more during the summer and will probably invest in different flavours to solve the smell issue (which I just cannot love!).

What are your favourite summer lip balms? Comment below!


  1. I have recently brought this product! I agree it is amazing!

  2. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for stopping by, glad you liked it too! How do you find the smell? I still find it kinda unpleasant..


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