Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Introducing Nanshy!

So, I was on the hunt for some good brushes and a lot of online reviews seemed to point towards Nanshy. Curious, I ordered their Large Shader Brush and the Blending Eyeshadow Brush. 

At first glance, I really love the sturdy thick pearly white handles which adds that extra ease of control when applying makeup. The bristles are velvety soft (yes - I said velvety!) so they cause no discomfort when applying to the delicate eye area. They also wash well and don't lose any hairs although one or two do go out of place.

Now, I'm very impressed with the Large Shader Brush. It's dome shaped and fairly large but not as large as the Ecotools Large Shader brush. It holds the eye shadow very well and just glides across your eye lids very smoothly.

 The Blending Eyeshadow Brush has more of a flared out shape and does a great job at blending. I also think it can be used for other purposes as I've used it as a crease brush too and it works perfectly.

My only gripe with the product would have to be the packaging. Now I agree it's the brush that matters but the really unattractive plastic it comes in just doesn't do these stunning brushes any justice. I've taken a pic of it if your interested.

I thoroughly recommend these brushes!! Both of these retail individually at £5.95 on Amazon so fairly purse friendly. You can also get the full 13 piece brush set for £34.95. I would definitely say these brushes rival the Real Techniques ones and I don't think you'd regret investing in them!

Have you tried Nanshy Brushes? Whats your favourite makeup brush brand?

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