Friday, 27 June 2014

Scrubbing Up...The 99p Facial Scrub!

Hello Lovely Readers!!

So today I will be looking at the Osiris Avise Apricot Facial Scrub! I got this for a purse friendly 99p at Bodycare. Now, I admit I did let the price affect my judgment into thinking this probably wouldn't be any good. How wrong was I?!

My first remark is how great this product smells. I just adore it's sweet fruity peach smell. To be honest I'm not familiar with what apricots smell like  to tell you if this is a true likeness but I can tell you this product does leave a strong scent behind.  Literally after washing my face I can still smell it on my hands!

The consistency of the scrub is very thick. It's texture is a lot like a lotion with a similar thickness to Palmer's Coco Butter. It also contains plenty of  beads which leads to excellent exfoliation. It lathers up fairly okay, don't expect lots of foam.

 At the end my skin feels clean and very smooth! It doesn't leave you with that tightening feeling some scrubs do. I would say it's quite effective in clearing up spots as I'm prone to getting quite a few in the warm weather but having used this product for nearly 3 weeks I get them fairly few and far between.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what are your favourite facial scrubs and how effective they are!

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