Thursday, 26 June 2014

Dior...You Make Me Blush!

Hello lovely readers!!

So today I will be looking at the Dior Vibrant Colour Powder Blush in Amber Show which retails for a very pricey £30.

Firstly, the packaging, design, everything about this product is just beautiful. It actually comes in a little velvet pouch for you to keep to product in so the case is always shiny!

The colour itself is a kinda coral/orangey brown . My only gripe is that the blush contains glitter (which I strangely didn't notice in the store) so it may look a bit dressy for during the day (but hey dress to impress!). I think it looks quite nice on a medium dark skin tone and the glitter kinda helps give the skin a glow. Hope you can see the shade well in these pics, the glitter doesn't really come across but in reality it's fairly noticeable when you apply it to the cheek.

Overall I think it's a stunning little product but very pricey for 7g although I probably won't be running out anytime soon! It's fairly pigmented but I found I had to build it up to get a distinct colour to show on my cheeks. Maybe it will show up better on lighter skin tones? To be honest, I probably wouldn't describe it as 'vibrant' as it's name suggests but it is a pretty shade!

Thanks for reading!!

If you like the look of the product the link is here and here .

Let me know which blushes you recommend and what are your favourite shades!

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