Thursday, 19 June 2014

Soap & Glory!

Hello pretty readers & welcome to my first review!!=D

So, I received a  Soap and Glory set as a gift some time ago and decided to rediscover this brand as it's definitely been getting a lot of good press lately. I had a little splurge and bought the  'Daily Smooth' Body Lotion, the Glad Hair Day' Shampoo and Conditioner all on a 3 for 2 offer at Boots.

First of all can I just say LOVE LOVE LOVE the design of these products, so fun and girly with the oh so vintage photo's!

Glad Hair Day Shampoo & Conditioner
Now, at £5.50 for 250ml I had high hopes for these two! The packaging states they will smooth, gloss, strengthen and repair the hair. I have used them all of 4 times now and I have noticed that  my hair gets less greasy now and it  does leave my hair feeling a lot lighter. I would say I can go around 3 days until I start showing any signs of greasiness whereas my previous Loreal Elvive had me going greasy after 2 days!  However, I haven't noticed any extra gloss or softness.

The Shampoo itself is your usual clear glossy texture. 

When lathered the product didn't really foam up so well. You probably need to apply alot of this product to get it to lather into a nice foam. I also didn't think it spread too well when trying to work it into the hair. You have to apply a fair bit to get much effect. The picture to the right, shows the amount of foam from a little over a 10p sized amount.

I would say the Conditioner has that lovely creamy consistency (see pic below)   but again  doesn't spread very well when applying to your hair.

The smell of both products is that kind of fruity clinical smell (wasn't too sure how else to describe it!). The product states it's raspberry with some kind of fruit vinegar but I don't really detect the raspberry. I do think it's pleasant though but compared to other Soap and Glory products (the marshmallow and macadamia lotions smells heavenly!) this really wasn't anything to rave about.

'The Daily Smooth' Body Lotion

The product is retailed at a steep £10 for a 500ml bottle. I would say a little pricey for your everyday lotion. The product itself has a beautiful consistency which is both thick and creamy but what I really love is that it's not greasy at all! I have tried it for a week now and it really does moisturize the skin. Again not a fruity smell although the packaging states it has fragrant notes of bergamot, blackcurrent, magnolia, freesia, vanilla and musk. It's definitely musky and I may even go so far as to say woody with hints of floral. If I had to compare it to a smell, I would say it smells a lot like 'Sweetheart' by Ghost. It's also an extremely long lasting smell.

Well that's all for now! Have you tried Soap and Glory before? Which products would you recommend? Or is there a product you would rate as even better?

Thanks for reading!!

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