Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Tinted Lip Balms

Hello Lovelies!

So I'm not really a lipstick fan as I normally find them very drying on my lips. Tinted Lip Balms therefore seemed the way forward to get both colour and moisture! I've chosen to review two fairly purse friendly brands. The Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me and Peach Kiss which retails at £3 each (but I managed to get them buy one get one half price at Superdrugs!) and the KIKO Kiss Balm in Blackberry which retails at a pricier £5.90.

Maybelline Baby Lips

The Cherry Me is well named  as at first glance  it looks like an intense cherry red colour and smells exactly like those cherry drops we all use to get as kids! When applied to lips the colour seems a bit more toned down and resembles more of a Pinky Fuscia. I really like it as it compliments my medium dark skin tone well.

The Peach Kiss doesn't really add much colour to my lips. It's quite a nude shade with a little shimmer so I find it just gives my lips an added gloss. It does smell lovely though, kinda like a peach scnapps!

In terms of moisture I have to say these two are a winner! The colour may not last for long (perhaps an hour?) but the soft smoothness it gives you really does!

KIKO Kiss Balm

At first glance I will definitely say this colour is probably a little light to be described as blackberry but resembles more of a pomegranate colour (the top pic best reflects the colour). On the lips, it comes out very pinky and feels more like a lipstick than the Baby Lips. It leaves your lips quite smooth afterwards so there's no drying out effect  and the colour seems to last a little longer than Baby Lips.

The swatches from top to down are KIKO Blackberry, Baby Lips Cherry Me and the last was meant to be Baby Lips Peach Kiss but it was difficult to capture this shade as its more of a sheer nude gloss.

I would say that overall the Baby Lips win on softness but the KIKO Kiss Balm is definitely more pigmented. Neither are sticky so you dont need to worry about stray hairs getting stuck to your lips and both are good as little lip tops up throughout the day!

Thanks for reading! Have you tried the Baby Lips or KIKO Kiss Balm? What are your favourite shades? 

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