Sunday, 3 August 2014

Summer Favourites!!

Hello!! This is gonna be a post about item's I have loved this summer and find myself using quite frequently!

Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets - £1.50 on Amazon  (Probably cheaper elsewhere)
For us oily girls (and boys!) this is a must! I have a full review & pictures here but basically these are blotting sheets which you just dab on the oily parts of your skin to get rid of any shine. They are very effective and small enough to carry around with you!

Body Shop Anti Perspirant Deodorants - £4 each
 I have these in white musk and aloe, both perfect for hot summer days! The white musk is more scented whereas the aloe doesn't seem to have any scent at all. They are both roll-ons and a great size for carrying in your hand bag. I found other brands like Dove didn't last too long on me but these are top quality and last all day.

Clinique Cheek Pops in shade 'Ginger Pop' - £16.50
This has been my summer go to for blush. I did a full review & pictures here but in short it's a beautiful coral shade that is quite transparent when you first apply. I love this because you can build it up for when you really want a bold look or you can apply it more lightly for when you want something more natural.

KIKO Kiss Balm in Blackcurrent (£5.90) and Carmex Moisterising Lip Balm (£1.50)
I've put these two together as I've fully reviewed them before. The Carmex Moistering lip balm (full review here) is great for curing dry lips. The KIKO balm (full review here) is a lip stick/ lip balm hybrid that gives a vibrant colour but still feels light and creamy on application. Most importantly, it doesn't dry your lips out!

Radox Bath Smoothies Spirit Booster - £1 at Savers (Bargain!)
This has got to be the most AMAZING smelling product you can put in your bath! It's like a fruity cocktail blend of pomegranates, raspberries and all the summer berry fruits! It's very intense and basically like the standard Radox foam baths except it's creamier in texture. Your bath will thank you for this!

Nars Brow Perfector in shade 'Suriname' - £16.50
Absolutely love this! I have a lot of gapping in my eyebrows which makes it look uneven and just really untidy. This product really transforms them into lovely full brows. It's got a really hard gritty texture and it's just great at faking little hairs on the brow line. It's one of those pencils that you just twist instead of sharpening so very easy to just take with you and touch up during the day.

I'll also add that the lady at the NARS counter, Milton Keynes was so helpful and really took her time to explain the product and how to apply it. Not trying to promote NARS but when you receive good service I think you should tell others!

Hope you enjoyed my summer favourties. Comment and let me know what are your favourites this summer!


  1. I keep seeing the clinique blush popping up on blogs! The design on it is so beautiful I don't think I'd want to use it and ruin it XD
    Elesaurus |
    YouTube - Eleanor Rose

  2. Haha the design is stunning but you'd love the way it looks on you to not use it! Thanks for stopping by x


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