Sunday, 31 August 2014

Getting into Lip Liner!

Hello!! So I have never really been bothered with lip liner in the past. To be honest I think I just didn't get how to apply them or what they were for! However I started to become more conscious that some parts of my lips weren't very pigmented and someone suggested to try lip liner to fix this!

As I'm a lip liner newbie I bought some fairly cheap drug store products. I'll briefly take you through them.
GOSH Velvet Touch Lip liner 'Cardinal Red' - £4.99 Superdrugs - Lovely cranberry red shade- I can see why they called it velvet as the application is so smooth! Added bonus - it's waterproof!

KIKO Ultra Glossy Lip pencil 'Shade 602' - £1 KIKO store - A pinky brown but the colour is more sheerer than the others (which is why it's harder to see in the pic!). It's also got a really nice buttery texture.

MAXFACTOR Colour Elixir Lip Liner 'Brown n Bold' - £4.99 Superdrugs - A dark woody brown with a much more grittier texture than the others mentioned above.

How I applied it!
I was going for a fairly natural lip so I used some clear Nivea lip butter (the Macademia one - yum!) with the MAXFACTOR liner on the top lip and the KIKO liner on the bottom lip. I don't know about most people but my lips are different colours so that's why I went for two different shades.

 Below is the finished look!

I don't know if it really comes across in the pic but I think the lip liner has made my lips look more fuller and defined. I really like this look for a work/school day. I do think the MAXFACTOR lip liner does the best job at giving that defined look. Both do seem to disappear after an hour so maybe waterproof is the way to go!

Thanks for reading!! Do you wear lip liner? What is your favourite brand? Do you wear it bare or with a bit of lippy?

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